a great 2008

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Left behind is the first week of the new year. From it I’m not able to say much about 2008. But there’s no denying that the new year has begun.

The beginning of 2008 was different from the beginning of 2007. Last year I finally left the safe surroundings of university and started looking for a job.

The first week of 2007 was in many ways not as bad as the weeks that would follow. I still had a firm belief that finding a job wouldn’t be too difficult, and friends around me were just as unemployed as me.

Week 1 last year I wrote the first couple of applications. I still felt I had a chance. We talked about the different jobs – at dinner I would argue why I was right for the job. People would ask how the job hunt was going. I would tell them. It was before I started hating being reminded of my unemployment.

Looking back I can’t help but shake my head. The jobs I applied for, the jobs I thought I would be considered for. I know it’s just a question of throwing yourself out there and give it a try, but still. I have no desire to be back there – not week 1, not week 16.

Week 1 this year was different. I’m no longer unemployed. This year I had a job to return to after the Christmas break. A job I like and a job I chose. I guess that’s the thing about being unemployed. You don’t get to choose. Being picky isn’t an option.

Week 1 this year was different. Last year my Dad’s operation was only weeks away – this year it’s skiing with him that’s only weeks away.

The weather is probably the same. Cold and grey. Dark mornings, dark afternoons. The apartment is the same size as last year but despite still having a long way to go we’re now in all three rooms – last year the bedroom was where we slept, ate, lived. Last year we knew the orange and brown bathroom would have to go at some point; this year we’re weeks away from getting rid of it.

The beginning of 2008 gets a 3 out of 5. It is definitely better than the beginning of 2007!


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January 7, 2008 at 4:05 pm

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