a great 2008

– which echoes in 2009 and further on


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Friday afternoon at 3:30pm I turned off my computer at work, wished everyone a happy Easter and left. And since Friday afternoon I’ve watched two and a half seasons of Sex and the City, I’ve had an unknown number of cups of tea, I’ve gone for a walk in the sun breathing in the spring air, I’ve been riding my bike in a snow storm, I’ve been in a good mood, I’ve been in a bad mood (and yes, in tears if you must know), I’ve been cutting down on coffee, I’ve been cooking and baking, I have gone to swim for the first time since before Christmas, I’ve gone to bed early, I’ve been waking up before 7am every morning.

The past two weeks were far from fun. I didn’t sleep properly. I was awake every night thinking about work and worrying about not getting things done in time. At work I was the irritable colleague at the coffee machine, and I snapped at people more than once. I was turning into a sugar junkie and everything was such a blur I couldn’t even find myself in the bathroom mirror.

When I left work Friday I had, miraculously, handed over all my projects to other people. They will hand them back to me the minute I get back to work, but for now they’re out of my reach. And I need not worry about them.

This is why at the moment my worries are of a different kind. Apple or banana? Big or Aidan? Nap or no nap? Shop now or shop later? Dark chocolate Easter eggs or White Chocolate Easter eggs? (a little of both turned out to be a wonderful solution to that problem.) Comfy clothes or comfy clothes?

The sun is shining and from where I’m sitting I can’t see the snow that surprised an entire population in spring mode yesterday. My tea mug is empty and the pink and black shoebox on top of the TV keeps calling my name.

I needed this. Oh, how I needed this…


Written by Drew

March 18, 2008 at 3:40 pm

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