a great 2008

– which echoes in 2009 and further on


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We have been talking about the acknowledgement from the very beginning. We have laughed at other people’s acknowledgements and made up our own – often in silly accents.

As we lie next to each other in bed Tuesday night, he asks me what I expect him to write in the acknowledgement. I tell him to write what is on his mind and I stress how important I think it is that he writes something he is comfortable writing. He tells me that he has already written it and that he just wanted to know.

He leaves another chapter for me to proof read on the table Tuesday night. I find it this morning, see the word “Preface” on the first page and leave for work thinking I will look at it later. When I come home in the afternoon and sit at my desk, I wonder when or if I will get to read the acknowledgement.

I glance at the preface and have already decided to do the proof reading later when I suddenly see the words “thanks to” repeated several times on the first page. As I read through it I realise that the preface contains the acknowledgements and that I must be there.

I am the last paragraph of the preface. I read through his words; One by one I gulp them down. They leave me teary-eyed at my desk. They are simple and lovely – they are so him. They are words I could not have put together myself. I end up crying and when I talk to him on the phone a little later I pretend not having read anything yet because I am still dizzy from his beautiful words and gratitude. When finally admitting – hours later – that I have read the words, the only thing I am able to whisper is: Thank you.


Written by Drew

May 7, 2008 at 8:04 pm

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