a great 2008

– which echoes in 2009 and further on

resuming life

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How was your week? And are you having a nice weekend? And was the one last week alright?

It’s been awhile, I know. I never planned to stay away this long, but it happened. Celebrating the submitted PhD turned into wedding celebrations (not ours, though) and a lot of cake, dancing and gin tonics which turned into a hung-over Sunday which turned into a week and a cold that kept me in bed for a couple of days and before I knew of it, it was once again Saturday and time for another wedding – a reception this time – and another cake. And here we are. Sunday it is. Tomorrow brings another week – a week in which my boyfriend turns 30.

We are slowly resuming life around here. We wake up next to each other, we eat together, we have time for coffee and DVD. And while we are getting back on track, I am sort of neglecting everybody else. I am seriously considering writing a group email of the “I am alright, I am still alive, don’t worry” kind before my friends forget who I am.

(Many years ago I was involved with a guy for a short period of time, but long enough for my friends to begin to give up on me because I was too into my new relationship to make time for them. When he dumped me and I knocked on the door of one of my friends, she let me in, but told me straight away that had I come much later, she wouldn’t have opened. “Don’t do it again,” she warned me.)

(The situation’s different this time, I know, but still I worry a little.)

Deep down inside I know that they are happy for me, happy for us and that they are willing to give us space and time to resume the life we had ages ago. We are slowly getting there and I am enjoying every step of the way. Who knew that eating together every night, doing the dishes together, napping in the sun on the living room floor and washing down the (pink) walls of the bathroom together could bring you so much joy?


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May 18, 2008 at 4:53 pm

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