a great 2008

– which echoes in 2009 and further on

what did you learn at work this week, dear little girl of mine?

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What did you learn at work this week, dear little girl of mine?

I learned that people who don’t have time to finish what they should finish before going on vacation, will try and leave the work to you. No, it is not my job to write the press release – it is your job. Mine is to give you feedback, proof read and be supportive. That’s not the same as writing. You’re the expertise; I am just the annoying girl with the red pen.

I learned that when you are on your own in the office, it is okay to turn on the TV. And that’s why I have watched more TV today than I have since we moved here (‘cause the apartment hasn’t got a TV). And I realised that Once and Again is a good show and that the majority of music videos are crap and that I am still hooked on watching tennis and that despite it probably being nothing like in the old days, Wimbledon is still classy.

I learned that journalists don’t look for information before they call, they just call. And when they call, they often don’t care to think about what institution they are calling, and when I tell them that whatever information they are looking for, I can’t give them, they tend to get a little annoyed. What happened to research? And do you really think it is my job to read out loud the very information you would find on our website if you cared to look?

And that’s what I learned at work this week
That’s what I learned at work

Bon weekend!

Written by Drew

July 4, 2008 at 3:54 pm

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