a great 2008

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the universe is trying to tell me what?

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Do you know those days where it seems like the universe is trying to tell you something? Such a day was Friday.

Friday was in many ways a good day. I left work early because, you know, it was Friday and I felt like it. When I went to get my bike, I noticed that my tire was flat. I cursed – not a little but a lot – since it was the second flat tire in as many weeks. And I hate flat tires. And because of the rainy summer weather we’re having at the moment, I was wearing wellingtons and though I love my wellingtons they are way better for rain and bicycling than for sunshine and walking.

I have no idea what the universe was trying to tell me, but these are the lessons I learned:

i) Pee before you leave work. Don’t think “home is just a short drive away, I’ll do it when I get home” because your bike might have a flat tire and you’ll be forced to walk home and crossing your legs tightly to avoid peeing is a very, very uncomfortable way of walking. Trust me on that one!

ii) Bring clothes to work for all kinds of weather so that if you have to walk home you won’t need to walk in wellingtons and raincoat, appropriate for Friday morning’s weather, when the sun is shining but can change. I promise you, Friday’s tourists will have pictures of the “so not dressed for the weather” girl right next to the pictures of the mermaid from their 08 holiday.

Maybe the universe was trying to prepare me for a shitty Saturday. Unfortunately, I didn’t get that – but at least I peed before leaving home.


Written by Drew

July 20, 2008 at 10:21 am

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