a great 2008

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easy sunday

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Dinner (a chicken) is roasting away in the oven filling the apartment with the most delicious smell, and it seems to be the perfect ending to an extremely relaxing Sunday of doing very little. The only sad thing being that I will eat alone and not with my husband.

I woke up at 6am this morning. J would tell you that this is not normal for me on a weekend (or any day), but despite attempting I couldn’t fall back into sleep so I was up at 6:20am sitting in front of the computer, drinking tea and writing emails. By 9am I was out the door for a walk. The weather was grey, misty and wet without really raining. I walked the streets mostly to myself, meeting a runner or someone on his way to the local bakery every now and then. There is something fantastic about the morning silence only broken when a car occasionally drives by. Though I don’t very often get up in time to enjoy them, I prefer mornings to nights. Especially these mornings when the light has returned are great.

Because I was up early, I have not napped once today, but twice. And it feels so good to wake up after a nap (whether it’s number one or two) and realise that you still have plenty of day in front of you because you got up early.

Don’t ask me to be specific about what I spent all Sunday doing, because I am not able to answer. I could have read a book, I could have cleaned, I could have baked bread and a cake, I could have phoned an old friend I haven’t phoned for ages. But I didn’t. I did, however, get around to taking a belly shot, and though I am not entirely satisfied with the result, I have posted it and you will all have seen it by now.

I am 28 weeks pregnant. I am in my third trimester. I am happy. And I am hungry…


Written by Drew

March 15, 2009 at 6:31 pm

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