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It is day three of my week off. I have spent the previous days sitting in our comfy chair in the living room, reading the papers, drinking tea, watching DVDs, sometimes transferring to the couch for a nap. I have basically been doing nothing.  Monday I went to birthing class. Yesterday, I grocery shopped, baked bread and had the first ice cream this spring. This morning I dived into the freezer and found a couple of bags of apricots which are now defrosting and waiting to be made into apricot jam (to be eaten on top of Greek yoghurt), but when this will happen still remains to be seen. I like this doing nothing even though I feel guilty about it twice a day: In the morning before J leaves when he asks me what my plans are and I open my eyes a little and say “nothing much”, and in the evening when he comes home after work and asks me what I did with my day and I say “nothing much”.

I asked for this week off a month ago when days were considerably shorter and things came rolling in at a speed I couldn’t handle. In the weeks afterwards I felt kind of bad I had asked for a week off I didn’t really need. (At least that is how I felt at the time.) But as I am halfway through the week, I am immensely happy I asked.

Working while pregnant hasn’t been difficult. I have had to come in late or leave early a couple of times due to ultrasounds and visits to the doctor or the midwife, but that is it. I have had worse colds than ever before while pregnant and therefore a higher number of sick days than usually, but I haven’t had any pregnancy related illness. But last week proved that 29 weeks pregnant is a lot of pregnant.  I was busy Tuesday and Wednesday, running from one meeting to the next, trying to meet my deadlines and satisfying people around me (and with only 12 more work days left before maternity leave people are lining up with things that really need to be done before I go), and while fighting like mad to get things done, the Braxton Hicks contractions kicked in like they haven’t before. I was used to one or two a day, in the afternoon, but whole days of it were new and unfamiliar and left me a little freaked out at home in the evening – because I didn’t have time to think about it during the day. Thankfully, Thursday and Friday were already booked away from the office allowing me to take things slower, and with slow the contractions eased off.

In an ideal world, I ought to be very efficient this week. I ought to figure out what things we need for the baby. We have ordered the tub, as I wrote previously, and I have begun praising the Baby Björn hoping I will convince J we need to buy one, but everything else is sort of not taken care of. I think we might be able to borrow a lot of stuff from my brother and his wife, but they offered this in January and there is reason to believe that while this might ease our economy some of these things might be broken or missing or just needing to be replaced once the boxes they are stored in see daylight again. We have begun looking at prams, but the number of decisions which needs to be taken regarding this outnumbers what I had expected (and yes, maybe I was naive when I thought that deciding on a colour would be difficult but it would be it). Up until this point both J and I have been more interested in looking at baby joggers. He because he will once get to take his baby on runs and me because I will once have free time when my husband and baby leave the house to go running. Until this happens, I will enjoy that I have both hands free and an agenda which reads “nothing much to be done”.

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April 1, 2009 at 6:11 pm

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