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Dearest BOM,

You turned four weeks yesterday and you celebrated in style. You slept and ate like an angel all day and gave your dad and me some much needed rest after a couple of really tough days (and evenings, especially). I am crossing every finger and toe of my body hoping you will be the same today and tomorrow and so on, but I know it is merely wishing and I know there is a risk the stomach aches return.

I just ordered toys for you. You don’t know what toys are yet. At the moment you’re satisfied looking at the ugliest postcard I have ever seen, but it is black, white and red and these are apparently colours you can see and make sense of so it works. You lie in the crib looking at it and slowly you doze off. But at some point we have got to introduce you to real toys and I want to be the one deciding what you play with. They are wooden toys. Other mothers may find them a bit too 70’es, but I liked them the minute I saw them and one day you will laugh at the road I travelled to make sure you got them (this involves having them sent to another country and having someone pick them up on their summer holiday and bring them back home and as I write I am not sure it will work, but I had to try).

You turn one month old tomorrow. The nurse is coming to see how much weight you have gained. You gained too little weight during your first two weeks. Your dad and I were beside ourselves because you were not sleeping and we thought we had tried everything and you were just awake and occasionally crying and all of a sudden we found out you weren’t gaining weight as you should and we got nervous. Problems turned out to be easily solved, at least for now, and the minute you started getting enough to eat you starting sleeping much better and during your first four days of feasting you gained 200 grams (this is what they say you should gain weekly). Your dad and I are excited to see how much you have gained tomorrow morning when we undress your little body and swaddle you in a clothes diaper and let the nurse weigh you.

Vacation is up. Next week you and I will be alone, but then your dad has three weeks of vacation. He will get to be with you every day and see you grow from five and a half weeks to eight and a half.  He is very excited about this and I completely get why because spending days with you is a joy even though you do have days of crying and not sleeping. Three weeks is a long time and especially when one is the same size as you. I think we should take a picture of you and dad on the first day of vacation and on the last so we can compare and see how much bigger you have gotten.

You are slowly waking up in the room next door and if I have to choose between you and blogging I choose you. I really just wanted to thank you for being an angel yesterday. It was much needed and I promise I will do my utmost to remember that you can be like that the next time you are crying because the stomach aches or you just don’t want to sleep or something else.

Much love



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July 9, 2009 at 6:06 pm

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