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I need some sort of challenge. Not that taking care of a seven month old isn’t a challenge, a daily challenge, but still. I need a challenge.

Back in 2008 when other people had been blogging forever and I dipped my toes in the water (my first attempt was in 2007, but I shouldn’t be telling you this, because it doesn’t really make me any less of a late joiner), I made a list of things I wanted to do in 2008. To tell you the truth, a lot of things on that list were good, but I really only wanted one: p**gn***y.

I could do another list of things I want to do in 2010, but the draft I found consisted of things like “dance with my husband at his best friend’s wedding” and I do, I really do, but I have been there (#24) and why make a new list, if all I do is repeat the old one? Why?

Since I have already admitted to being the late joiner, I never got around to doing my list of “100 things to do before I do go” (My typo – “100 things to do before I do” – is way too late for me as I don’t plan on getting married again anytime soon, but feel free to indulge in the project, if you haven’t married yet) when everyone else did it. And I honestly don’t know if I can come up with 100 things. It’s not that I can’t think of a lot of things, I want, it’s just that things like “tasting my way through Champagne” or “go somewhere alone for a week and just shop, visit museums and write” seem pretty hard to find the time for when you have that before mentioned seven month old and you’re still breastfeeding.

So while I am still dreaming about a week on my own in… what can I come up with? Hmmmm….. this one is difficult, let’s say: New York (Paris is nice – fantastic actually – but since I have already spent four months on my own in that city – shopping, writing and visiting museums – I have decided that from now on I will bring company when I go.) (No, I am not lying, and if you ask nicely, I will tell you about it.) FOCUS…..

So while I am still and all that, I need something to do in the meantime (besides taking care of the baby) and this is it:

PROJECT “=!= 2010

(When I googled that to see if other people were doing something similar and I was totally stealing their idea, I got links to Microsoft and to the South African football team preparing for the world cup, so I am moving forward with my project.)

During a Christmas break (well, J’s Christmas break actually, since babies and maternity leaves don’t really care about Christmas breaks and that stuff) that had way too many sleepless nights and way too many days of stomach ache and trying to get the baby to get the solids through her system regularly, I came up with some things I am hoping to do in 2010. And because #1 for instance, is something that I have wanted to do many (read: MANY, MANY, MANY) times before, but have never done, I am writing it here for the world to see (or J, my trusty regular reader – and husband – not to forget) and to remind me in 12 months time if I kind of forgot along the way (as I have had a tendency to in the past…)


  1. Follow a running program
  2. Build a classic wardrobe (inspiration here)
  3. Bake all the bread we eat (just for a month, not the entire year)
  4. Knit a sweater for G
  5. Sew two pieces of clothing for G and one for myself
  6. Host a champagne tasting
  7. Host a cake party
  8. Arrange a romantic evening (sans G)
  9. Make ravioli
  10. Complete a short story and let J read it
  11. Do a freelance writing assignment
  12. Buy myself a piece of jewellery
  13. Make sushi
  14. Have a piece of clothing tailored for me
  15. Make spring rolls
  16. Start saving for something (and buy it)
  17. Read five classics
  18. Read the novel that bears the same name as my daughter
  19. Take a day off from work and do things for me and me only
  20. Have a family portrait taken (or take one myself)
  21. Read Michael Broadbent’s Wine Tasting and use it tasting at least three wines
  22. Throw a children’s birthday party for myself when I turn 31
  23. Make a crocheted vegetable or fruit for my daughter (like these)
  24. Learn how to make caffè latte with latte art

(Note: I plan to add as we go along. Not because I fear running out of things to do, but because most of these things come to me at other times than when I am in front of the computer. And if they are good, I am adding them.)


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January 6, 2010 at 11:32 am

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  1. Undskyld. Glæder mig, ikke mindst til ti, otte, syv og tyve. Bare for altid


    January 13, 2010 at 2:15 pm

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