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would you hang this on your wall? (food edition)

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It has been four years since we bought the apartment. Four years! The biggest part of those 1500+ days has been spent renovating. Nothing is like when we bought the place in December 2005. New kitchen, new bathroom, new wall between living room and dining room, new electricity, no longer two people but three. We still need to do little things here and there, but I would say we are done with renovating. After more than three years without a couch, the couch moved in last year in February allowing me to celebrate my first 30 years of being on this planet with my feet up. It was good.

However, our walls are still very bare. Not because we like them that way, but because we have a hard time deciding what to hang on them (and because my husband put a lot of work into those walls, and he will not ruin them unless I am absolutely – ABSOLUTELY – sure I want whatever I am asking him to hang on our walls to be there forever. FOREVER (or at least until we move).)

Our kitchen isn’t very big (I should have taken a photo of it and showed you, but I haven’t. Sorry), but we spend a lot of time in there and would like to hang something on the walls. I have some really nice posters with cool graphic design and recipes, but they are too big for the kitchen, so they will have to wait until some day when I have a bigger kitchen. J suggested we use some of all the photos we (read: I) have taken over the years and I kind of like that idea. Therefore, I went through Picasa to see what we have. That was fun. Some great photos and some really – REALLY – lousy ones.

This is my breakfast on a random morning which apparently had me thinking: “Why don’t I take a photo?” Not really material for hanging on the walls. I like this instead:

But something in it screams “trying too hard, too arty”. The jam I made from those lemons and limes, though, was excellent. I wonder if you could go with something like this:

My conclusion is no. I like the photo, but a half eaten bowl of chicken cashew on my wall? The reason I like this is because it reminds me of the couple of times at summer when J and I have gotten take away and eaten it at one of our favourite spots. We did it a couple of years ago and we did it last summer just before we had G. I am hoping we do it again this summer, bring G and make a tradition out of it. But hanging on my kitchen walls? No.

These are from our honeymoon:

I like them, I do, and I think these are among the ones I would choose from. I, of course, would love to hang this one:

I love everything about this photo, but unfortunately J doesn’t share my fondness for camomile tea and even though the pencil and the yardstick are his, I still don’t think he would be able to look at it without the taste of camomile tea invading him and we don’t want that.

The next photo combines two of my favourite things to photograph:

  1. Food
  2. Feet (Even Charlotte went through this phase, remember?)

I love this photo. It reminds me of glorious summer days and I can still taste the jam (I keep typing “ham”. What is wrong with me?) my mother made from these cherries. BUT. One thing is food and feet in the same photo, but can you hang that on your kitchen wall? What would our dinner guests think if they accidentally walked into the kitchen and saw this?

It is a tough one. What do you think?

These are just a few of the photos I have taken of food over the years. I have onions frying in the pan, the cranberry pie that went all wrong, apple pies, raw lamb, marzipan Easter eggs, wiener schnitzels (yes). I even have this (I think we were having potatoes and green beans that night):


Written by Drew

February 12, 2010 at 12:53 pm

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