a great 2008

– which echoes in 2009 and further on


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I am sitting at our coffee table eating my lunch. It is just a bowl of curried rice with tomatoes and a slice of bread, but G is standing beside me looking as if what I am eating is what is between her and really getting to know the world. I give her little pieces of bread which she eats while smiling. I smile too. Half an hour earlier I have tried to feed her the exact same kind of bread without any luck. All I got was the bread right back out and a “why are you trying to make me eat this?”-look from her. And now she’s smiling.

She cuddles up to me, her face against mine. She is standing on her toes trying to be close to me and peek into the bowl at the same time. I take a few rice grains and feed them to her. She looks at me and her smile widens even more.

And then she wants no more. No bread, no rice, no sip of my water. She just wants to be right by my side, cheek to cheek. I scoop her up and I hold her. I kiss her forehead and I whisper to her that I love her. She is tired and I prepare to put her down for a nap. Prepare for an hour to myself – and prepare for the joy that fills me when I hear that she has woken from her nap. There is nothing like a little time of my own. There is nothing like being interrupted by a 9-month-old girl wanting her mother.


Written by Drew

March 11, 2010 at 2:53 pm

Posted in 2010

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