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how to get through a 16+ hour drive or 3pm to 10am

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My brother and his wife can drive to France in 16 hours. We can’t. If we’re good it takes us 19 hours, if we’re bad it takes us 21. That’s what we found out this Easter. I also found out these things about driving at night with a baby in the car. I write them down hoping they will make the trip easier should we do it another time:

  1. You feel great when you have driven 3½ hours from midnight until 3:30am, but you don’t feel so great when your baby wakes up the minute you get out of the driver’s seat and decides that it’s morning. That means you can’t sleep and that means you have basically been awake all night.
  2. Setting goals is great, but it is alright when you don’t get there. I really wanted to drive for another hour, but I was too tired and three red bulls in two hours would have been too much (two was bad enough).
  3. Remember that your husband is human. He may seem like a great driver and someone who can stay up all night and just drive and drive and drive, but he too is just a mortal and seeing him eat two Snickers in a short span of time proved just that.
  4. Children may have a harder time falling asleep in the car than you do. Don’t bet on your child being asleep at 8pm. It will more likely be 9pm.
  5. Pee whenever you can.
  6. Sleep whenever you can.

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April 8, 2010 at 2:45 pm

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