a great 2008

– which echoes in 2009 and further on

It really is a new year

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This was also written before being told about the changes at work but I figured I would post anyway. If my job situation changes then my resolutions might change as well but for now they are:

I have never been a resolutions kind of person. I want a lot of things but I want them in April, not in January and come January I have either gotten them done or have other things on my mind and out the window they go. I think I used to think that there was all the time in the world to get things done so why make a list?

I don’t feel that way any more. New Year’s Eve J and I looked at each other and wondered where 2010 went? It went by so fast. We slept too little, quarreled too much and didn’t appreciate enough what we have: a family. Looking back at 2010 I am having a hard time remembering what I did and where the year went. I know we travelled to France and drove around New England but the year in general seems like a blur. I think this is why I have made endless lists of resolutions the past week. I want 2011 to slow down before it takes off. I want to enjoy the year, to make it memorable, and I want to achieve things so we have something to talk about other than sleep deprivation and fighting when 2012 comes knocking on our door.

Resolutions 2011:

Reading. I want to read more. I haven’t read very much in the last couple of years. I can’t remember if I read an entire book in 2010. I know I began reading quite a few but no endings come to mind so I don’t think I finished a single one of them. I am aiming for 12 books. This is painstakingly low given people who plan to read 200+ books this year but the goal is already a bit frightening to me. It is a book a month. I am thinking that by choosing short books, maybe even novellas, I will make it easier but I am nonetheless still frightened. I am hoping to make one of the 12 books a classic. I am toying with the idea of reading Dickens. I loved Hard Times when we read that at university and want to reprise that feeling but I am thinking I ought to read him in English and reading in English will slow down the process of reading a book a month considerably so maybe not. Maybe I will stick to a Danish classic instead.

Writing. I want to write more. I want this space to once again live but I also want to write more in general. I bought a brand new Moleskine for this resolution. I plan to write a page in it a couple of times a week and I already have two pages. It is still a dream of mine to one day write something for others to read and despite writing less and less these past years I am not yet willing to give up this dream. The Moleskine is for anecdotes, words, thoughts. It is not a diary – it is for little bits of stories or poems or essays that I toy around with in my head. Instead of throwing them away when I turn out the light at night, the plan is to write them down and see if they one day fit in a larger context.

Dressing. I want to be a better dresser. There is no dress code at work so I end up wearing the same thing every day: jeans and a short- og long-sleeved t-shirt. My closet is full of nice shirts but they need ironing. I refrain from wearing skirts because I claim they are too difficult to wear when riding my bike to work or it is too cold to wear them. I go for black, white and grey instead of adding splashes of colour. I love everything striped and navy blue. In other words: I need to add colour. Part of this resolution is also to be better at accessorizing. I have pretty jewellery that I don’t wear very often because I forget it in the morning when I rush out the door. I want to wear it. So far this week I have been wearing a ring every day. I like this. I would never wear more than one (I do actually but they are on the same finger) but one makes me feel good. And one reminds me of J since I got my rings from him.

Shopping. I want to build a wardrobe. In order to do so I need to be a better shopper. (I need to be a better dresser as well but as I just wrote I am hoping to be so).

Growing. I don’t want to grow. I want our family to grow. I am scared to write that knowing how long it took us last time but I feel a need to write it. After months of being weary I am now certain that I am ready (maybe I should write about this at some point).

Travelling. I want to travel with my family. It doesn’t necessarily need to be far away but I want to travel with them, show the girl new places.


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January 20, 2011 at 5:02 pm

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