a great 2008

– which echoes in 2009 and further on

Things I have learned recently

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  • Long winters of waiting and waiting for just the smallest sign of spring seems much easier to cope with if your winter coat has a bright colour. I don’t know why I have always favoured grey and black for winter coats. Warm, bright blue has given me so many compliments – even from random people I didn’t know – in the past weeks I think I am giving up the grey and black and putting my money on colour when the search for next winter’s winter coat begins.
  • Turning 32 wasn’t as bad as I had feared. For some reason 32 seemed old and thinking of my birthday didn’t bring me much joy. A grey Sunday turned into a great day and my made from scratch birthday cake was as glorious as its pink frosting and marzipan stars on top promised.
  • Having a job is great, but January and February have taught me that what is really important is the life outside of work. Family, friends, hobbies. My plan is to try to focus more on these things, make sure I make the most of them.
  • The weather has been cold forever and I am officially ready for spring. READY.

Written by Drew

March 1, 2011 at 8:16 pm

Posted in 2011

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