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Vacation on the horizon

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Friday is my last day at work before three weeks of vacation, three glorious weeks of not helping journalists with their crazy requests, not editing other people’s poor texts and not being able to decide the content of the entire day myself. I doubt I could leave my work and be a stay at home mum (given it was a financial possibility which it is not), but I definitely love having time off and spending it with my loved ones.

We aren’t going anywhere foreign and exotic this year. We are spending a week by the shore of a lake in a summer-house that belongs to some people who rarely use it themselves in the summer and are very happily letting everybody else use it. Afterwards we are thinking of spending a couple of days by the sea. To some people water is water, I know, but having grown up in a country surrounded by water and having never lived very far from the sea, lakes just aren’t the same thing. I get why they are when the sea is thousands of kilometres away, but in our case it’s not. And since I didn’t dip my body in the sea last year (or the year before, I think), this year I have to (I did dive into the lake last year at the place where we are going this year too, but it doesn’t count. It just doesn’t and it never will. It has to be salt water, sea water).

We have zero plans this summer. No places to be, no people to visit. I like that. As much as I love travelling and planning and wanting to experience things and come home with great memories and great stories to tell, I love having no plans other than to relax and cooking great meals for my family.

My ambition this year is to get some knitting done on the vest for my daughter, to read two books and to look at my husband more than once and smile and burst out “I love you”. And what I hope to accomplish is leaving work miles and miles behind me and not worry one bit about it. Worrying is for August when I come back, not for my weeks off. And if I am allowed more things I really want to accomplish then it’s to get some writing done and to take some photos. And that’s about it. I want to keep things realistic. (My husband will tell you that me not worrying about my job is what makes my list unrealistic, but don’t listen to him, trust me for once, allow me the dream that it is actually possible.) (Please.)

Written by Drew

July 12, 2011 at 8:02 pm

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