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It’s been a year since we sold the apartment. The one we brought two kids fresh from the womb back to, the one where I peed on many, many sticks and were thankfully lucky enough to see pink stripes on some of them. The one we returned to after our honey moon, the one we did ourselves from scratch, the one where my husband proposed, the one, the one, the one.

We have lived temporarily and crazily expensive since December last year. We gave ourselves six months, but we’re still there and still undecided as to whether we should stay in the city or move out. We’ve seen houses and apartments, and we’ve tried to decide, but nothing has given us the feeling of home and “let’s settle here”.

The girl turned six in June and began school in August. When I started this blog, she wasn’t a thing. She was something I hoped for. The boy has begun kindergarten – the same as his sister went to – and I love that place and I have a hard time accepting that he might not be able to stay, but is that enough reason to stay in the city rather than to move out?

There are so many questions, so many things we need to decide. And I’m tired of walking around with the feeling of not being able to settle, of not having a home that’s mine, of being in-between.

I’ve given myself so many deadlines this past year, so when I say that I hope we know where we’re going by the end of the year it’s not a deadline, it’s a hope …


Written by Drew

September 17, 2015 at 2:31 pm

Posted in 2012

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